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Through Chronicles from Arcania, I shall attempt to share walks with you, this poetics from 60N, where I feel at one with our Earth, my sense of place so maritime.

Monday, 11 April 2011

between baskets and the wild wood

woven adventure

I love my local art gallery. 
It hosts the world in many forms and never fails to attract spirits of one kind. 
When Klaudie decides to get out, we have guaranteed adventures. This time, we opted for The Bonhoga, exhibition complete with lunch, as we both love art and good food! This month's exhibitor, Lois Walpole, would offer us something different. ...Basketry. My mind was already rowing around the world! Friends already warned me I would enjoy it. 

Well, here is what we found when we pushed the door on the first floor of the restored Weisdale Water Mill...

world-made, man-made fabric, 
tightly woven, 

just like somewhere in the Andes, Nepal or Africa! Humblyband was sitting on my lips thoughout the entire day.
I smiled at the Camembert boxes. Ms Walpole has a great sense of humour :-)
...So many treasures!
Fabulous exhibition if you have not seen it yet... 

So much to marvel in one room, we took our time before heading to the Café downstairs for lunch. Al fresco, it would have to be, so blue outside...

Mackerel Paté with oatcakes for Klaudia, herring in dill and oatcakes for my taste buds. It never fails as a delight!

And then , we headed to the woods... Wood, in Shetland? You may think I am teasing. Well, not exactly wild, but certainly unique in the area! Magic of our natural world, on a carpet of lesser celandine, as expected for the time of season. Next month, blue will override yellow. Meantime, it reflected the magic of the sun that was beaming between branches. 

It certainly felt like spring in such light.

What kind of blue were we after? The viewpoint at Wormadale never fails to deceive either, So spectacular through the fisheye. I love Sundays of this kind! Magic moment filled with a myriad of colours, delights and smiles.


  1. That looks a lovely exhibition, I really like basketry...

    Beautiful celandines too, we have a lot of them here at the moment, such bright and cheerful flowers

  2. what a wonderful exhibit!!! Glad you are having lovely is still wintery here in Utah...sigh

  3. Oh, it's a grand one, Juliet :-)))
    and yes, lesser celandine is in full bloom at the minute, together with a few (precocious) primrose in selected ditches! March marrigold should follow suite :-) Spring has arived at the edge of the realm :-))

  4. Oh, Kay, I hope you to enjoy the beginning of spring in Utah!!! You are going to love it when it arrives!
    That exhibit has been really refreshing!
    Blissins fae 60N,

  5. Dear Nat,

    Gorgeous exhibition and Spring!!

    Have You ever seen my older adventure in to the basket universe...?

    here's a few of the babies


  6. Hi Doreen,
    Thank you for dropping in and linking this way :-)
    Love that basket universe!