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Through Chronicles from Arcania, I shall attempt to share walks with you, this poetics from 60N, where I feel at one with our Earth, my sense of place so maritime.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Just over a year ago...

nordic flutters

"Hello Earth, hello Earth..." e-resonated for the first time on just over twelve months ago, as I still remember friend & poet Norman Bissell encouraging my heart to start blogging in the name of geopoetics! 

Norrie, I dedicate this entry to you, dear friend!

Just over  twelve months ago, I began to make friends and let poetics fill pages, animate many kindred spirits and embrace readership from the whole world.

Reader, dear friend, I also dedicate this entry to you!

Wherever you breathe and walk on the planet, may you keep enjoying those boreal flutters. They emanate from a tiny group of islands lost in blasts of arctic blizzards (as I type!) I call home with pride & joy. 

Today's walk takes us all

Back into Yuletide spirit
The island is just a few sleeps away from the great solstice... With it, Yule begins. Mind you, winter was very precocious this year! Yesterday afternoon, I was still meandering in the town to catch the festive spirit... I love the toon after dusk! My wandering on flagstones on the way to the bus stop at The Esplanade via The Peerie Shop Café, let me marvel at the magic of this nocturnal orange world.
Eye and lens captured moments.
I love those granite façades lit at this time of year. Everything glows like fireflies! 
A traditional spruce from Norway adorns the commercial street's focal point called Market Cross. Shop windows turn magical, as if spirits wanted to play or simply guize inside jumpers...

Hom Bru band member Brian Nicolson entertains the street via the speakers from his High Level Music shop... Da Street, as Lerwick's major trading artery is locally known, comes alive. 

All celebrate in their own style!

Today, da Street would be slightly quieter, as snow and ice sprinkle flagstones once more. Fishermen would seek shelter from wild gales in the natural harbour, that very stretch of water that separates Lerwick from its natural barrier, the Island of Bressay.
With such gales, trawlers and other crafts moore their wisdom on bollards.
Tonight, pub landlords will smile once again behind their counters.

Facing the harbour is the Peerie Shop, a well-known façade to locals and sailors alike. A Café can be found at the back of this colourful trading post... Trendy, cosy and snug, jam-packed around mealtimes, many familiar faces gather to share a slice of life around a hot drink, soup and/or other delicious savoury/sweet delicacy!   

Lerwick is a beehive whatever the season.
...This is as far as city life can go on the island!

So, dear friends, let me thank you again for all your support and comments of appreciation over those past twelve months. Walking the shore with you remains an adventure!

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