Chant du monde boréal
Sandshifter, 60N.
Where it all makes sense.



Through Chronicles from Arcania, I shall attempt to share walks with you, this poetics from 60N, where I feel at one with our Earth, my sense of place so maritime.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

In between rhymes & tussock grass

Friday 12 March 2010

This week ended as it began, serene, magic, lit by the stars.
I love night. 300 billion eyes look down on us... At least I know I'm not alone. 

On Monday night, Karen McKelvie hosted a celebration of female talent through International Women's Day 2010 at the Shetland Museum & Archives at Hays Dock in Lerwick. Since my very first public reading took place at International Women's Day 2004,  my heart warmed up very naturally to the event. Thank you, Karen for your call. What a brilliant night! :)

On Wednesday night, very first meeting with Choman Hardi thanks to Shetland Arts. Having missed the first workshop, I was very eager to join in and let new poetry flow off tip of my fountain pen. We are blessed to have wonderful Writers in Residence and our Literature Development Officer, Donald Anderson, has a fine flair when it comes to inspiring authors. Choman stays with us for the whole month of March. I am looking forward to the two final workshops. Please click on the link below :)

Today belonged to the dragon.

Tonight's crimson was captured just off the settlement of Bigton in the South Mainland. ...Watching a replica Viking long ship rocking in the shoormal  at Ninian Sands felt enticing enough; set the craft on fire a week away from the Vernal Equinox by my team leader at the Anderson High & his gang of guizers would not take me away from my favourite beach! I must confess his galley held me up a bit on the road to work this morning, as Lennie brought the craft to the ASN Department as part of a formal visit... Havoc on the A970 past 8 a.m.! 
There's something special about the event, for David Smith and his Committe set a precedent in the Up-Helly-Aa calendar: The South Mainland of Shetland now has its own fire festival and tonight's procession set high standards for future ones.  

What's so special about the 2010 S(outh)M(ainland)U(p)H(elly)A(a)?
...Well, in addition to the Jarl (ha-ha!) & choice of location, his fire festival is open to ladies...Ladies, ladies on the Committee and in the squads... Furthermore, the galley floats on the North Atlantic! 

What a way to spend a Friday night?
Just bring a friend, carefully choose your square of sand dune and watch crimson fade behind St Ninian's Isle as greylag geese fly over heads and oystercatchers (our dear shalders) break the silence, rengaine of our North Atlantic. Lie down in tussock grass and watch stars light up the increasing indigo sky... Tonight was perfect for such a moment :) My friend & poet Klaudia confessed she could have brought a pot of soup but patience paid off handsomely...
A fire festival procession always looks impressive. Shetland's version remains unique in the world.

Weel done, Boof, dy een wis impressive! See dee back ida classroom ;)

For more on Up-Helly-Aa, please click on the following link


  1. It is my ambition to join you one year, not that I need an excuse to visit friends...
    Best wishes

  2. Oh, thank you for your comment. Such procession is always impressive, Kay :)
    Dynamics within night... But this particular was very special. :)

  3. Oh, let us know when, Shani! ...Funny how Trev and I were contemplating such a visit. Trev has a spare room in Lerwick for you he told me last Weds. ... You gonna love it!!! :))

  4. great boats, and dragon heads on them!
    viking boats!

  5. Thanks, Joao 
    such a shared heritage.