Chant du monde boréal
Sandshifter, 60N.
Where it all makes sense.



Through Chronicles from Arcania, I shall attempt to share walks with you, this poetics from 60N, where I feel at one with our Earth, my sense of place so maritime.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Post Scriptum

Morning bus rides...

That peerie bus stop at Stove is a real life saver!
Here on the picture, Anne and her mam...
It nonetheless prompted me earlier this year for a piece as I was waiting for my school bus.

It is entitled Shintō and acts as a post scriptum to the previous entry.


Each morning feels animistic.

Way of the gods,
water, rock,sun, sound of silence,
            where being takes its purest form –
I brave the wind
and imagine cherry blossoms paving my way to the bus stop,
temple of tin & plexiglass always open on my roadside,
where I can shelter from rain, snow,
sleek arctic air, water spirits
destined to die on my shoulders
or sacrifice themselves to salt…
And if I look in the distance, between tarmac & the ocean,
Watatsumi, blue dragon-god, rises again,
its orange eyes locked inside dawn –
inside my skin tinned sanctuary,
I dedicate a final dream to Toyoukeno Ōkami,
Great Spirit of food Abundance,
Izigami no Mikoto,
the Provider of the Five Grains
shintō silence,
and ride the dragon
through the land.

© Nat Hall 2010


  1. Nat, this is lovely, and just what I am looking for for the gallery page on Luchair.
    Would you mind if I posted it there, with a link to your blog? I have a poem by Juliet Wilson too, and some rather good bird photos. I'd really like to use some of your landscape pictures too - what do you think?

  2. Hey, thank you kindly, Elizabeth.
    Oh, please feel free to post that link :)
    Wow, am honoured, my friend!